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Hi, I’m Dr.Janice Jurack. In my Muskego Chiropractic Clinic I use the latest state-of-the-art technology and chiropractic equipment. You’ll also be happy to know that I am completely up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of physical rehabilitation exercise.
Muskego Health and Wellness Center, S C BBB Business ReviewI’ve been in practice for over 15 years, and during that time I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. My pledge to you is to be the Best Muskego Chiropractor and to give you the most skilled chiropractic care available. So, if you’re not feeling as good as you’d like to, take advantage of my special offer and let’s see if I can help.

Janice Jurack, DC

Muskego Health and Wellness Center

S69 W15689 Janesville Rd.

Muskego, WI 53150


Feel free to browse through the pages, and if you have any questions please be sure to give me a call.

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Meet Dr. Jurack

Dr. Jurack Has a Story: My first exposure to chiropractic care came in grade school when my parents brought me to a chiropractor after finding out I had a scoliosis (abnormal spinal curvature). I have always been involved in sports and continued to use chiropractic care throughout my high school and college years to keep me injury free and operating at peak performance. Not knowing whether or not I wanted to become a medical doctor, or a chiropractor, I decided to take advantage of the shadowing program at Carroll College where I was studying pre-med. After only shadowing the medical doctors around for a couple hours, I knew this was not going to be my path in life.  The atmosphere was sterile and cold, and the patients were coming in unhappy and drained.  The doctors saw numerous patients in a relatively short amount of time and prescribed the same meds over and over again.  By contrast, when I shadowed the chiropractor, the atmosphere was warm and caring, and the patients were coming in happy and ready to get well. I noticed the doctor spent time with each patient and was treating the cause of the problem. The patients were there to get healthy and acted alive when they were leaving the office.  I then started working for this chiropractor and loved it!  We saw miracles every day.

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For 6 years, Lauren had been suffering with headaches. She also had constant stomach pain for 6 months that got worse whenever she ate. After spending literally thousands of dollars on physical therapy, medical treatment and pills, she was told she just had to learn to live with it (and take a different prescription pill).

After being referred to Muskego Health & Wellness Center in July 2014 (6-8 weeks ago) and beginning her recommended chiropractic and nutritional plan including a metabolic cleanse, she has found her stomach issues have gone away. Her headache pain is decreasing, her energy is increasing and she has lost a few extra pounds of body weight. Lauren is looking forward to continuing her chiropractic and wellness care so she can live a healthier life years from now.

When asked if she’d recommend others who suffer from unnecessary illness and pain to seek care at Muskego Health & Wellness Center, her answer was “Yes to everyone!!”

Lauren W.
Having been a semi-professional athlete in the sports of women’s basketball and field hockey, my feet pounded over many miles of bumpy terrain, causing misalignment of my back. Stepping into a hole one day, I experienced severe knee pain, only to find out years later that my knee pain was actually being caused by a misalignment of vertebrae in my neck and lower back area. Visiting several medical doctors and chiropractors did not relieve my pain.

Traveling to competitions in various towns, our teams made many fast food stops…needless to say, the countless cheeseburgers and sodas consumed, quickly led to my weight gain and extremely high cholesterol.
Having been retired for several years, and having been under great stress as a caretaker for a relative with pancreatic cancer, I also began experiencing low energy and fatigue.
It was time to get some help for myself! Finally, some answers for my arthritis, back pain, leg pain, high cholesterol, and weight gain.
“Muskego Health & Wellness Center has changed my life!”

Dr. Jurack has skillfully adjusted my back and reduced my neck and leg pain (no more headaches…Hurrah!)

I did not expect anything but spinal adjustments at a chiropractor’s office, but here there was more…Much more…

Dr Jurack assess my condition as low thyroid and in turn recommended supplements that alleviated my fatigue and low energy. Also, her supplements helped my hair loss.
I participated in her allergy testing which determined there was a specific food (tomatoes) that might be contributing to inflammation and my joint pain. A food plan was developed to address the inflammation and low thyroid issues.

A special opportunity for my overall health was to have a “therapeutic massage” by Meranda. It was super!

Besides alleviating my neck, back and leg pain…No more night sweats!...I have lowered my cholesterol…triglycerides by 50 points, LDL by 67 points, and overall cholesterol by 92 points.
As a “side benefit”, I lost weight: 24 pounds: Dropped 2 jean sizes: Lost 25 ¼ inches overall (including 5” from my hips and 4 ½ “ from my waist). I am looking forward to a new wardrobe now!
I thought I was fairly healthy. I thought living with joint pain was just a part of getting older…As I fast approach the age of 70, I would like to say “it is never too late to improve your health. If you are given the knowledge and follow the techniques offered by the caring people at the Muskego Health & Wellness Center!”
Thanks for everything!

Barb L
For the last 6 years I've had rheumatoid arthritis and vertigo for the last 20 years. I'd have to continually go to the Rheumatoid Specialist, the lab for blood work, and was on multiple medications. I was told that I would just have to live with these problems. But since seeing Dr. Jurack I have had more energy, less swelling and less pain. I am very excited to continue my chiropractic care with her and I would definitely recommend MHWC to anyone.

Like many other older women, I began gaining weight a few pounds a year after 40. I had tried to reduce calories and increase exercise but was not able to lose the weight. At 193 lbs, I knew I needed to do something. I attended a presentation by Dr. Jurack on a weight loss program. It would be necessary to follow almost perfectly. I knew this was something I would like to try. I began in January and since then have lost 35 lbs. As I saw the pounds start to come off and with the help and support of Dr. Jurack and staff, it was easy to continue. To anyone else struggling to lose weight, I would strongly recommend the HCG weight loss program.

Linda G.
I approached Dr. Jurack at the end of January asking for a jump start weight loss program in order to acquire a beach body in two weeks. Of course we all know when you are 20 pounds overweight that is impossible! She then told me about the fitness challenge. I agreed to it thinking that I would really be done in two weeks. I would go on vacation and end up eating every dessert in sight and lying on the beach the whole time. Wrong! After receiving two weeks of team support from Dr. Jurack and her staff, taking supplements, and eating healthier I had more energy. I was feeling better and was much more motivated. I arrived at my vacation destination.

Instead of lying on the beach stuffing my face, like I thought I would, I discovered the fitness center. Every morning I walked on the treadmill, rode a stationary bike, and lifted weights. During the day I had enough energy to take frequent walks on the beach. Because of the healthy eating, taking supplements, and exercise I had actually lost weight on vacation! When I returned home I continued the program. With all the much needed support from the staff at Muskego Health , I completed the program and accomplished my weight loss goal. I feel great, am taking the supplements, and getting the necessary spinal adjustments that allow me to continue exercising. Dr. Jurack also recommended a thyroid supplement which helped slow down my hair loss. Thanks to Dr. Jurack and her staff for making my journey successful!

For several years, I’ve fluctuated between 20 and 35 pounds overweight. During that time, I’ve tried several diets, with some success, but it just seemed as though the process was exhausting for the minimal results I was obtaining.

When I first heard this diet was 500 calories per day, I was extremely skeptical. I love food and a beer or two, so how could I get by on 500 calories per day without feeling hungry? Well, the supplements and the proper food choices were all I needed. Of course, it did require will power, but the will power wasn’t because I was going hungry; it was eating the right foods, when you were supposed to eat them and it would fill me up, even on 500 calories per day.

It is a change in life style, but when you get results this quickly it’s motivating. Some weeks, I would lose pounds but no inches and the next week, no pounds but inches all over! It also made a big difference that I was being held accountable. I knew every week, I had to go into the office and step on that scale. It made me try harder and think about things before I put them in my mouth.

The plan provides all the information you need to succeed. The drops that curb you appetite along with the vitamins and minerals your body needs with a low calorie diet. You do have to be prepared. Make the food up in advance, so that when you want to snack, you can grab the right things. The key is to take the time to make meals you really enjoy eating.

I’ve been off the plan for a month now and I’ve been maintaining my weight pretty easily. I have changed the way I’m eating because I feel better, look better and am determined to keep the weight off. I’ve grown to really appreciate and love fruit again and realize that all of those processed foods we shovel into our mouths are horrible for our bodies. Our bodies can’t function properly and it has a devastating effect on our metabolism. You metabolism can be your friend, even when you’re over 50!

Lori C.

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